Especially for Full-Time Tutors & Undergraduates Tutors who are Sick & Tired of Applying for Many Assignments yet Receiving No News/Updates about them, or Waiting Months & Months but yet to get your 1st New Student of the year.

Dear Tutors,

Do you dread applying for many assignments from many agencies posted on different forums/job sites yet received no news/updates about them?

Have you registered with many tuition agencies but yet almost none called you for any potential students?

You gotten Students who needed tuition a few weeks before exams & stopped right after exams?

You understand that Students who take up tuition early part of the year are much better than those that only come to you weeks before exams. Those Parents expect you to, within 2-3 weeks, help their Child produce that same kind of results that other Students took months, close to 4-6 months of Tuition, effort of both you & Student take to achieve.

You experienced Parents who are constantly changing Tutors so that they feel that they get the ‘best deal’, always the cheapest tutors that they managed to engaged. Or that those Parents always try to tell you how good & cheap their previous tutors are?

Encountered Parents who try to cheat on your tuition fees or kept delaying them till you have to keep pestering them to pay u what was rightfully yours?

You’re relying on tuition fees for your income, yet Parents play you out by constantly postponing & subsequently cancelling lessons after lessons but yet refuse to give up that precious timeslot you have? That u could have easily given it to a more deserving Student who  wants regular tuition lessons?


We will guarantee you get your desired amount of students within a short timeframe of 1-2 months! Moreover, should any of the Parents stop the lessons due to factors that are uncontrollable by you, we will give you a replacement student within 1 month! Promise.

We are only accepting 30 promising Tutors who have achieved decent grades & preferably have adequate teaching experience.


  • Tutors who cannot commit for the entire year of 2017 please do not apply.
  • Tutors who are not urgently looking for Students, coz you’re not sure if you can commit when school starts.
  • Tutors who are very fussy with location, not willing to travel slightly little bit further to get that Student.
  • Tutors who have totally no experience in giving tuition/peer tutoring.
  • Tutors who are just concerned about making money, not at all interested in Student’s Achievements.


  • Committed Tutors who are looking to build up their Student base in the shortest time possible.
  • Responsible Tutors who really care about Student’s grades & well-being.
  • Results-Oriented Tutors who value your time as well as Students’ Time. You don’t wish to waste your time sitting around waiting for assignments to come to you, you want to be able to start helping as many Students as you can & at the earliest time possible.
  • Tutors who prefer paying a flat fee for a Student instead of a variable agency commission fees.

How to apply?

Upfront Fees is payable, depending on the number of Students you’re intending to get.

  • $800 – 3 Students
  • $1000 – 5 Students
  • $1800 – 10 Students

Upon paying upfront fees, you’re no longer required to pay any existing agency commission fees. That means a flat fee that you’re paying for, regardless of the rates you’re charging!