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To upload multiple files, click "Choose Files" & select all the files you wish to upload.
To upload multiple files, click "Choose Files" & select all the files you wish to upload.
To upload multiple files, click "Choose Files" & select all the files you wish to upload.

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1. You are to provide all personal information (qualifications & results) as accurate and complete as possible.
2. You can apply for our tuition assignments but being shortlisted is subjected to the parent's requirements & preferences.
3. You will receive a SMS confirmation upon successful matching of the assignment.
4. You will face a PENALTY if you fail to turn up for the 1st lesson or cancel the assignment after confirmation.
You will also be BLACKLISTED & BARRED from getting assignments from any of our Partners.
5. All our Partners charge agency commission on the 1st month tuition fees from you upon the completion of 4, 8 or 12 lessons (depending on the frequency of the tuition assignment).
6. You MUST send us a soft copy of your Certificates (PSLE, O/N Levels, A Levels, Diploma, Degree) upon registration for verification.
7. You are to present your ORIGINAL NRIC & Certs (NOT SOFT COPY) to our Staff & the Parents on the 1st lesson.
8. The 1st month's fee is based on 4 weeks of lesson. (not calendar month).
9. You are not allowed to collect upfront payment from the parent on the 1st lesson.
10. iloveteaching will collect the payment directly from the customer. You are not allowed to collect the commission on behalf of us.
11. Any misconduct (e.g. using mobile phones during lessons) that parents feedback to us will be reflected in our shared database. It will affect the tutor's chance of getting an assignment from us in future.

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